3 Ways to Use Social Media in Network Marketing

Social media is the perfect marriage for the network marketing industry. I have met and met many network marketers who use mediums like Facebook and MySpace solely for their business and have had great success. Personally, I have used the powers of social media to recruit up to sixteen new distributors in a month. With that being said, this article will attempt to discuss some of the most powerful social media strategies for network marketing advertising.

Social Media Strategy 1 Get friendly! After setting up an attractive profile and uploading photos of yourself, it’s time to go out and meet people. Social media is like a big party or business after hours, so it should be treated like it’s in real life and not on the internet. At a party you mix and meet new people. You don’t go straight up and say, “BUY FROM ME,” because that would be the wrong tactic and extremely unhelpful. Rather look for groups on your preferred social network and start adding those people with the intention of REALLY networking with them and getting to know them better.

Social Media Strategy 2 Start talking! Update your statuses, write blog posts, and post pictures of things you are very interested and knowledgeable about. MLM could be your discussion, but it doesn’t have to be. The important thing is that your authentic self comes out, so that when you start talking to your new friends about business, they will know that you are more than an advertisement that just advertises your MLM business. By being authentic, people will trust you more, which will give you more rapport and attraction to that person.

Social Media Strategy 3 Call them. Yes, you heard that right. In some social media like Facebook, the social network actually offers a phone number service that you can use to call your friends. If you have your friends separated into groups like MLM Group 1 or Network Marketing Friends Group, you can find that friends list with all their phone numbers. Most network marketers are okay with having a stranger call them about their business, and most of the people your product would help are probably the same.

Even with these strategies for establishing the foundation of your social media empire, you still need to understand the power of generating leads and turning these leads, friends, and lists into new distributors and customers for you. And that’s where knowledge of internet network marketing tactics comes into play.

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