Angela’s Training Secrets Revealed

Summer generally means going to the beach or just hanging out somewhere where there is a pool. I think this season needs preparation, a lot actually.

I would like to introduce you to my friend Angela, who is a model and an actress. She is also one of my good and understanding clients and I am here to tell you about her exercise regimen.

Here’s a one-week sample program I designed for Angela:

Monday: 45 MINUTES

30 minutes on the treadmill: constant change every 2-3 minutes — lunges, running, jogging, walking, side lunges (Talking about interval training at its best)

15 minutes: constant timed intervals that target the entire body using resistance bands, body bar, and Swiss ball (Angela doesn’t like to use machines)


Shadow boxing interval with hand weights

6-8 rounds of gloved work

5 minutes of full body plyometry

2 rounds of rope interval jumping

Intense full abdominal work: 50-100 repetitions per exercise (10 exercises)

Wednesday: 20 MINUTES

Swimming day: 10 laps freestyle, 10 laps of side stroke, 10 laps of backstroke, 10 laps of breaststroke (can’t make butterflies)


5 rounds: heavy bag exercises (speed and power every 30 seconds)

5 rounds: glove work (focusing on speed and power)

3 rounds of burpees: 30 seconds of burpees, 30 seconds of shadow boxing then switch)

Intense full abdominal training: slow, controlled movements (75 repetitions per exercise)

Friday: 45 MINUTES

She does one of my recommended non-boxing routines from my Train Like a Boxer e-book: How to Achieve a Lean, Stronger Body with Limited Time, Space, and Equipment. ([email protected] to request your copy TODAY).

Saturday: REST

Sunday: Angela plays in a recreational softball league (says she kicks butt); tennis during the winter.

As you can see, no exercise is the same in a week. This is a sample exercise and the routines after each week change as per Angela’s request to KEEP IT COOL. The result? A slimmer and stronger body!

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