Babies deserve personalized t-shirts and clothes too!

Here’s an obvious statement: Parents love their children. Ask any parent and they will tell you that their child is unique, special, beautiful, amazing, etc. A mother’s face lights up at the chance to gloat over her baby, and nothing makes a father happier than sharing in her child’s accomplishments. A great way for parents to show their pride is to create custom apparel for their babies, toddlers, and young children. No one knows your baby like they do, so instead of buying another one-piece from the department store, why not create a custom outfit that showcases babies’ individuality?

Using an online custom t-shirt printing company, parents, grandparents, friends, and even siblings can customize bodysuits, hoodies, t-shirts, bibs, blankets, and more. Many sites now feature special effects like glitter or flocking to enhance personal designs. Once a custom t-shirt or accessory has been ordered, it can be further personalized at home with embroidery floss, sequins, and a host of extras easily found at craft stores. Here are some great ideas I’ve put together for customizing baby clothes.


Parents expect their children to reflect their best qualities, so why not highlight baby’s features with a clever t-shirt or new bib? If the baby is the spitting image of her daddy, why not make a cute t-shirt that says “remove the old block” in a fun, blocky font? Take it one step further and ask dad for a t-shirt that simply says “old block.” This idea is a great gift for Father’s Day or Christmas. Another one of my favorites is “cute as mommy, drool like daddy” which would look perfect on a bib or blanket. Proud parents also enjoy making t-shirts that show how much they love their baby; it’s so easy to create a personalized “mom’s favorite girl” or “daddy’s monkey” t-shirt. New parents can also have fun with t-shirts like “my mom is crazy and she has me to thank” or “I made dad bald like me.”


Going back to one of my original points: every child is unique! Whether a baby is smiling and happy, a worm that moves, crawls ahead of their peers, grabs everything in sight, eats constantly, or whatever, custom t-shirts can help them express their personality before they learn words. to express it. With so many colors and styles of clothing available, creating personalized baby and toddler products can be fun and versatile.

A perfect example is putting the baby in a t-shirt that has a picture of a baby bottle and says “I drink until I pass out.” If you’re designing for a cute baby, perhaps a shirt that says “girls dig my chubby thighs” or “lock up your daughters” would be suitable. Another frustrating yet hilarious thing babies do is take off their clothes. If this behavior sounds familiar, maybe an “I’d Rather Be Naked” T-shirt would make other understanding parents smile. If you’re constantly amused by the things your baby does, take a cue from the comedy world and create a blanket or t-shirt with a microphone that says “thanks, I’ll be here all night!”


One of the easiest ways to personalize baby t-shirts is by remembering the “firsts” of all babies: the first Christmas, the first birthday, etc. An organized parent can create custom clothing as little as a week in advance and have it ready for the occasion. Not only will it be fun for the baby to have now, but it will also be a fantastic keepsake. When it comes time for the baby to spend their first night away from home, many parents will ask the grandparents to take care of them. This is a big step in fatherhood and an honor for grandparents, so why not commemorate the occasion with a personalized t-shirt? A t-shirt that says “favorite grandson” or “grandma’s little angel” would be a sweet surprise and a great way to show her appreciation.

Another momentous occasion for parents and young children is the addition of another baby. A great way to surprise family members is to make a t-shirt for your child that says “I’m going to be a big sister/brother.” This will make your older child feel special and help get him excited about having a sibling. When you’re ready to make your pregnancy announcement, have your child wear the t-shirt for a unique and fun reveal.

I hope these ideas spark creativity and serve as a starting point for custom garment designs. Babies and toddlers are so much fun, and making personalized t-shirts to wear them can be a great way to show how much you enjoy having them in your life. Happy creation!

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