Barbados – When You Visit Don’t Stop Doing These Things!

In all the world, no beach surpasses the beauty of the sugar white sand beaches in Barbados. Some Caribbean islands are volcanic, with dark, even black, sand. These have their own beauty, of course, but when most of us dream of the Caribbean, our dreams are in Technicolor, with a sea of ​​brilliant, vibrant blue water that is crystal clear: the beaches of Barbados.

Naturally, when you visit Barbados, you’ll head straight for the uncrowded and pristine beaches. What you may not know is that there’s more to explore on the 14-by-21-mile island paradise than beaches. Some ideas to get you started:

* An adventure tour on the island: A complimentary rum punch kicks off your day trip in a customized four-wheel drive Land Rover through Barbados’ quaint villages, spectacular scenery and wildlife. One of the most popular day trips on the island, the guides are witty and funny, ensuring you have a great time. Two companies to visit: Island Safari and Adventureland Tours, Inc.

* A catamaran cruise: A must if you want to snorkel with the magnificent and gentle Barbados Giant Sea Turtles. Offering a lazy day out with several stops along the magnificent coastline for swimming and snorkeling, Cat Cruises serve up a fabulous Barbadian lunch and libations of every variety, all included in the price. Check out the Tiami, Cool Runnings and El Tigre catamaran cruises.

* the concord: From 1976 to 2003, the fleet of 20 Concordes flew at Mach II speed between London, Paris, New York and Barbados. Today, you can visit the magnificent Concorde in Barbados and take part in a fun and educational sound and light display. Do you want to sit where Mother Teresa, Muhammad Ali and Mick Jagger sat? Then buckle up in Seat 1A.

* Welchman Hall Ravine: See what Barbados looked like 300 years ago with its native and exotic tropical plants and playful vervet monkeys. To guarantee yourself a good laugh, try to time your visit during the feeding hours of the playful monkeys around 10 am and 1:30 pm.

* harrison’s cave: A tram takes explorers deep into enchanting caves that you can’t believe exist on a coral island. Complete with dramatic stalactites, stalagmites, and a crystal-clear lake, the cave makes a wonderful family outing.

* Mount Gay Rum Visitor Center: It is believed that rum was invented in Barbados by the first English settlers; today, rum is a religion on the island. The Mount Gay tour shows you their rum processing operation…and offers free samples!

* earthmoving ceramics: Regular visitors to Barbados return time and again to Earthworks to add pieces to their Earthworks dinner set. The beautiful colors of this handmade pottery are a way to bring home a bit of beautiful Barbados.

* bridgetown synagogue: A masterful restoration has breathed new life into one of Barbados’ national treasures. The synagogue dates back more than 365 years, making it reputedly the oldest synagogue in the Western Hemisphere.

* george washington house: The only country outside of colonial America that the first US president visited was Barbados, in 1751. Washington was fascinated by the well-fortified coastline of the British colony, possibly influencing his later military career. Details such as the wives of slaves and the means that kept food cool without ice offer a fascinating glimpse of Barbados 250 years ago.

* Harbor Master Party Cruises: Join a big party on this look-alike steamboat. Good food, drink and entertainment, along with sunbathing and snorkeling – even a water slide from the boat – offer a great time to forget your worries away.

* arlington house: Arlington House, a sunny and beautifully restored colonial house once owned by a merchant selling shipping supplies, is now a museum that depicts the history of Barbados in the most lively way possible, through contact, observation, and the interaction. Say “arrrr, mate” to a pirate so real it’ll take your breath away. Lots of fun for kids and adults alike.

If you are on your first vacation on the island, enjoy the beach. If you leave Barbados without seeing the monkeys playfully throwing coconuts at each other, you’ll have to come back. It is very likely that it will, in fact; Barbados has the most repeat visitors of any Caribbean island.

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