Beer Logo Design

Making your own home brew for your own home bar is a great idea for anyone who wants to stand out from their friends. You can get a simple beer tap handle and write your name on a ribbon. When you bottle your beer, you can have a white sticker with your handwritten logo printed on it. But you can improve your game with a logo design of your own.

If you have a logo design, skip the next section. I want to give readers some ideas on how to create their own logos and then I will help people find the tools they need to have a beer logo of their own.

Normally, when I start thinking about brand design, I start with the first letter or letters of the name. If you were making the finest beer in Brooklyn, the letters B, F, and B are again where you would start. Finding a great way to organize them is an old technique, and yet it is still quite unique. But sometimes just writing the name in a beautiful font works great.

Another great idea is to take a photo of the facility or take a photo of the surrounding area. When you identify your beer with its house, you make more than a statement. It says, “This is where our beer is made” and that shows how much pride others can take in their beer. Choosing a famous or memorable scene in your area really ties the beer to your home.

Those are just a few ideas that you can use to create your logo design. Of course, if you have a design in mind, go for it. A logo in your mind is like you like the beer you make. So that’s the logo you want to be proudly displayed on your bottle.

When you have your design ideas, it is best to do everything in gif format with a transparent background. Most photo processing programs will give you a checkered area for the transparent background. What that means is that when you place that photo in another photo, the details in the other photo are not completely lost. It is only where the overlap takes place.

So if you created a logo design and then wanted to place it on a background in your brewery, the logo design would display perfectly against the background. That way you can always have your logo in transparency and you can place it anywhere you want. You can place your logo over the city where you brew your beer. You can have it at the bar where you serve your beer. That logo can be placed anywhere from beer tap handles and mirrors to outside promotions like T-shirts and cars.

Better to keep it simple. But even when you keep it simple, your logo can be very distinctive. I think the most distinctive logo designs are the ones with the least stuff in them. The brewery and the mountain river where the water comes from is all it takes to make a beer one of the best sellers. Of course, you may just be thinking of stepping up your game at your own home bar with no desire to sell your beer to anyone outside your bar.

That depends on you. Enjoy the beer logo design and be sure to put your logo everywhere you can find a place. You never know where something simple might lead you.

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