Central Star Meditation

With all due respect to reiki and to the great pranic master Mr. Virendra Thakkar, I am introducing a very powerful core self-empowerment technique known as Core Star mediation.

Hara lineup

  1. Note the Tan-Tien 1 and ½ inches below the navel in the middle of the body. Feel the power and the Heat there. Feel the heat as in the molten core of the earth, stay concentrated there until it is very hot. Take 10 very slow, deep breaths for a count of 10 to 1, while constantly visualizing the Tan-Tien point.
  2. Be aware of the seat of the soul in your chest 2 1/2 inches below the hollow in your throat. It is not the heart chakra. It is like diffuse light around a candle. The longing of the soul and the song of the soul resides here. When you connect with him, it feels like a lightbulb explodes inside your chest. It has a spherical appearance. Take another series of 10 breaths, counting from 10 to 1, while visualizing the seat of the soul.
  3. Feel the laser line running from the seat of the soul down through the Tan-Tien in the pelvis and into the center of the Earth. Take 10 deep breaths, while concentrating on the core of the earth.
  4. Focus on the laser line that runs through the seat of the soul — Tan Tien — pelvis — center of the Earth. Feel the strength and silence in the room.
  5. Note the point of identification, 2 ½ to 3 feet above your head, ¼ inch in diameter. While visualizing the ball, keep your spine straight, you may hear a high-pitched sound, if your auditory perception is open, this is like a God-Head identification point. Take 10 deep breaths while concentrating on the point of identification. Feel that tiny laser beam [half the size of your little finger] going to the molten core of the earth through the seat of the soul and the Tan Tien.
  6. Feel the power. This is the lineup. This is a bridge between heaven and earth.

Light emerging from the core star

  1. Note the star of the Core 1 and 1/2 inches above the navel. There is the essence of your

– Who are you beyond time, space, longing and desires.

– In this place there is no need, there is no pain, there is no desire, you are simply a creator.

The creative force moves from the core-star through the Soul-seat and Tan-Tien point of identification on the haric level.

Allow the light within your Core star to emerge within every cell of your body, uniting the limbs of your body within the light of your body. That light is the light of your central star, the God within.

Do this where there is

– Pain or illness.

– Anger or fear.

– Suspicion or greed.

-the oblivion

Allow that essence to flow through each layer of the auric field.



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