Dark Workers Personality Profile: Galactic Federation Star Battle

There is an eternal battle between the dark workers and the light workers. It is the ancient theme of good versus evil and darkness versus light. The Galactic Federation is overseeing this stellar battle for victory on the side of light and goodness. However, a race of beings from a warlike planet seek to disrupt harmony and be masters at all costs and are doing their best to block and slow down the process of intergalactic planets wishing to gain freedom.

Here is the personality profile of this evil and spiritually bankrupt race.

1. A worker of darkness lives in a galaxy very far from Earth, but can influence our planet with technology. They do this with advanced technology in the form of machines and through psychic methods such as telepathy.

2. They like the manipulation and control of other races. They instill fear in others by tormenting them with huge space vehicles that look like battlecruisers. The cruisers are heavily armed with space weapons that have the ability to decimate entire planets. War actions give them pleasure.

3. The workers of darkness enslave other worlds. Sometimes they destroy the planet and often they take those who are still alive as slaves. Control and mistreatment are all that a slave is entitled to once captured.

4. A strong personality trait about them is that they are on a great power trip. Much of his heavily armed vehicles are only for display to strike terror in his victims. It is known that many races from different planets surrendered only when they appeared in their space battleships. Such is the reputation for his cruelty and fierce warlike military code.

5. Negative forms of mind control and thought transfer are taught as part of school studies. Revenge and jealousy are emotions that they try to foster in others while benefiting from the chaos it creates.

6. Race number one, in his opinion, can only be that of a dark worker. This means that all other races must be number two or less. In other words, they are the superior race and all others must be inferior. This distorted view is used to justify mistreating other beings in all sorts of ways.

7. They adhere to a strict military code from which it is very difficult to break free. The restraint they have over their own race is mind-boggling. For example, he is only allowed to reincarnate as one of his own. If you decide to betray them, jump ship, so to speak, and become a human incarnation, they will get very mad at you and seek you out and make your life difficult with telepathic mental inputs.

From our human point of view, the personality profile of this war space race is nothing to be proud of, but they themselves love it. The Galactic Federation is not very happy with the progress made by this warlike race in recent years and is doing everything it can to stop them. They do this by recruiting the workers of the dark themselves and giving them the opportunity for a new stream of incarnations as human beings, for example. I admire such a big step.

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