Disney by Washburn Hannah Montana 3/4 Scale Electric Guitar Review

My niece is crazy about Hannah Montana, so when she found out about the sale of the Washburn Hannah Montana ¾ scale electric guitar during her regular internet browsing one afternoon, she got even crazier and ran up to me to beg her to buy her the guitar. .

Buying an 8-year-old girl a real electric guitar, who by the way has no idea how to play, was a crazy idea, right? But it got me thinking, hey, anything to get my niece interested in music, and anything to make her a guitar legend, I will, even if it means buying her a smaller sized purple electric guitar that has a star on it. … fingerboard-shaped inlays. And most importantly, the words Hannah Montana are written on the body surrounded by big and small stars.

It’s pretty much every little girl’s dream come true. My niece has been pestering me to buy it for her, but I’m still considering it. It’s a good deal for a beginner electric guitar. It has volume and tone control, the body is made out of hard wood and the design is quite elegant for a small sized electric guitar, plus Washburn is a fairly reliable electric guitar maker so anyone who wants to splurge on more than one A hundred bucks for a mini-guitar for your nieces, this is the perfect choice.

As for me, even though I haven’t found anything wrong with the guitar so far, I have yet to decide to splurge on my niece. I told him to learn a song first with an acoustic guitar before I bought him the electric one. At least that way I’m sure you’ll at least be able to play a song on the Washburn Hannah Montana nah scale electric guitar.

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