Do you know how to control high blood pressure with your mouth?

Don’t let high blood pressure steal your life or your lifestyle! Control high blood pressure with changes to your diet. What you put in your mouth has an extreme effect on your blood pressure, how you feel, how much energy you have, and your overall health.

When you make a concerted effort to change your diet, you should see your blood pressure drop, your cholesterol levels improve, and maybe even a few pounds shed.

Your diet controls your health

Use less salt and drink more water

Start reducing your salt intake right away and work your way up to a daily limit of 1,500 mg. You need salt so make sure you don’t go radical and cut out salt altogether, stick to 1500mg.

Your body needs a minimum of 8-8oz glasses of water every day. Replace sodas and other beverages with water. Drink 8 oz of water immediately after getting up in the morning and immediately before going to bed.

Increase fruits and vegetables

Stay away from fast foods and as many processed foods as possible. Eating vegetables and fruits every day ensures that you get the nutrients and fiber you need for your body to function properly.

eat more fiber

Fiber has a definite effect in lowering high blood pressure, and a lack of it leads to diabetes and heart failure. Try to eat a minimum of 15 g of soluble fiber each day for best results.

limit meat

By skipping the meat, you’ll cut out the fat and naturally eat more vegetables and fruits. If you eat processed meats for sandwiches, you really need to try to eliminate them from your diet. They have too much salt and chemicals that are harmful to health are added to them.

limit sugar

Sugar binds salt in your body, which increases your blood pressure and is a poison to your overall health. Eating less sugar becomes easier as you learn to eat healthier overall.

add potassium

Low potassium can have dire effects on your body and your blood pressure, so make sure you get at least 4,700 mg a day. Do some research and see which foods are high in potassium.

limit alcohol

Be careful with alcohol. 1 drink a week for women and 2 drinks a week for men can improve your blood pressure and health. At the same time, binge drinking is said to be the No. 2 cause of preventable death in the United States.

What you put in your mouth is not only to avoid starvation, but also to enjoy, and that makes it difficult to change eating habits. But when you start to have a health mindset, instead of a mindset of old eating habits, you will naturally regulate your health by regulating what you eat, and then eating takes on a new dimension.

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