Economic crisis and financial climate strategy for the general public – Part 1

The current “Global Economic Crisis” is sadly but truly a deliberate tactic of the “US Based” and “US Administration Sanctioned” *Global Corporatocracy*. Each and every “Recession” and ultimately its ensuing Big Brother, the “Depression” is an intentional result arising from the three most instrumentally influential organizations on the planet since 1913.

These three organizations are the following:

– Multinational organizations that make up the “Global Corporatocracy”.

– The “United States Administration”, and the “United States Federal Reserve Bank”.

– The “Global Corporatocracy” is the most influential of the three, and commands the last two as a puppeteer manipulates the strings of his puppets.

So the chain of command goes like this:

The “Global Corporatocracy” controls every “President of the United States” through “Monetary Control” and brings him to power. They then order the president to request that the “Federal Reserve Bank of the USA” Create, say, $2 trillion. This transaction, of course, is done electronically, which is why the “CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)” doesn’t like “hackers.”

The “US Administration” then he trades “Government Treasuries” for this newly created capitol that he has applied to the “Federal Reserve Bank.” Once again, such transaction is done through “Electronic Transaction”. This “Money” is then dispersed through the “Mercantile Banking System” or “Main Financial Institutions” as “New Loans”. Where do they get this “new money” I wonder? Well, the obvious answer to that basic and simple question is: the “Federal Reserve Bank of the USA.” he creates it from “Thin Air”.

How do you get through the respective “Financial Institutions” and finally find your way to “YOU”? We will find out in my next article exposing the “Truth” of the System around which we all revolve and involute. The System that forces us to depend on an “Oil Based Economy” that is controlled by the one System that actually cripples all of us to varying degrees determined by how we depend on it.

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