Electronic world: expanding technology is shrinking the world

Story after story focuses on new technologies and their impact on today’s world. New developments in technology affect all fields of business and recreation and are not only constantly growing, the development of new technological advancements is growing at an exponential rate. Some people complain about new electronics and want a less complicated society, while others take the opposite approach and criticize those who are unwilling to jump on the new product bandwagon. In truth, the best philosophy is somewhere in the middle. New products that make life easier, save lives, help prevent war or make better use of the earth’s resources are positive. Products that take lives, increase hostility or war, or waste resources should be avoided. Probably the vast majority of new electronic products fall between the two ends of the utility spectrum.

One way that technology is shrinking the world is in business. Today, even a small home-based business with Internet access can market to literally billions of people around the world. In years past, establishing a market in another city was difficult. Companies large enough to expand their markets often had salespeople manning a route or territory. A regional office could be added or if the company grows further, the establishment of an international office could be considered. This required hiring people in the opening areas and bringing them to headquarters periodically for training. Alternatively, head office staff could travel abroad for a time to oversee the establishment and training of new offices or plants.

Today, much of product marketing is done over the Internet. Many companies are eliminating the retail point of sale and selling directly to customers from an online shopping cart. Even highly specialized niche market entrepreneurs can earn a living because so many more people can be reached. Shoppers no longer have to take a long excursion to a large urban area to get the best prices for a hard-to-find item. It is very likely that it can be located on the Internet, ordered through a secure site and paid electronically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Questions about products can often be resolved through a customer service live chat feature found on many websites.

Another prominent area in the field of electronic technology and its ability to shrink the world is the use of cell phones or mobiles by millions of people around the world. In 50 years, phone use has moved from bus lines where an operator connected cables in a switchboard to teenagers listening to music, sending photos and chatting with text messages and endless conversations on color-coordinated handheld mobile phones. . Cell phones can bring FM stations, play songs to announce which friend is calling, and provide hours of entertainment through games and puzzles.

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