How can I get my ex-girlfriend back?

Often, men who have recently broken up find that they want to know, “How can I get my ex girlfriend back?” after separation. They then begin to imagine and philosophize about what they could have done differently, even to the point of writing letters of regret and other methods to help them get their connection back in sync.

But this will probably be a dead end for a big reason: You may never know what his real reasons for breaking up with you were. Women (and men too!) are often driven by feelings rather than reason, usually (like us men) often not even acknowledging why they broke up.

They may not really realize why they suffer the way they do: feelings play tricks on our minds. Often it’s just a waste of time and being able to rationally try to understand why things went wrong.

The first step to finding out: “How can I get my ex girlfriend back?” it is forcing yourself to stop thinking about the connection for a few weeks and invest your time and power in different things.

Go to the sports club and work out, go back to old male contacts, enjoy those interactions, go online and find out your friends from high school or college, and just forget about the other gender for a while.

Set realistic goals to alternate your method to make friends with more people.

Allow yourself a few weeks to adjust to your new circle of acquaintances. Take a break from your ex and your head will be lucid once again.

These methods will have the following effect: you will be able to slowly make changes in your existence, in the way you relate to people in general. After several weeks, you’ll have a much clearer idea of ​​how to get back together with your ex.

You will be able to determine if you still want to restart the connection, or just continue to exist. Then act on your decision. If you still long to “rekindle the old flame” with her, perhaps it is time to discover what she is contemplating and feeling for you.

So, not right now! – It will be time to be a little more direct about getting your ex girlfriend back. However, you must have a plan and stick to it. NEVER start by begging him to come back to you, because that emotional approach will almost certainly explode in your cup.

Rather, you should play nice with it. Don’t appear desperate. If you’ve spent enough time away from her, chances are she misses you just as much as you miss her. Stay a little hard to get (but don’t overdo it!) and let her nonchalantly acknowledge that you’re doing just fine without her. This will make you start to rethink the relationship.

And if you are really meant to be with her again, you will know when to do a new method. Don’t try too hard to investigate things though, as over-analysis could limit you from acting as soon as it’s time to get your ex girlfriend back. Keep in mind, take it easy, take it easy and you’ll be fine…with yourself and her.

cheering for you,

Norb “Mo” Lovelace

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