How to automate routine content marketing tasks

Content marketing is designed to engage your ideal audience, convert them into customers or list members, and also to delight your audience after conversion. To do this, you will have to create, publish, and promote a variety of content types to your audience over time.

This requires you to understand your audience enough to create the right content. But once created, how can mundane content marketing tasks be automated to make everything easier? Let’s look at some examples.

Test reading

Regardless of who writes or creates the content, it should be checked for problems. You can use software like to help. You can also hire experts to view the videos before they are published, as well as to edit the written content before it is published. If this is part of your process and is completed automatically within the workflow, it will be much more effective.

Junk mail

The truth of the matter is, you won’t be able to do any kind of content marketing strategy without the right email autoresponder setup. There are many to choose from. Read the fine print to make sure you have the one doing the things that help, like tagging, double-opting, sending a series of autoresponders, and so on.

List building

Building your email list can almost be put on autopilot if you use good landing page software. Some email autoresponders include some landing page software, so check your choice first. You need to build an automatic funnel to make everything easy.

Social media promotion

Using software like or will help you automate your promotions on social media. You can set your blog to automatically share with your social accounts when a new post is added. Plus, you can even set it to email your list, directing them to your social media platforms.

Manage workflow

Setting up a workflow will be of great help. A good option is or Depending on the features you need and your budget, these can help you develop and use a suitable workflow for your projects and your team.

Market research

Everyone does the research, but it can get boring trying to find the right things to read and use. You can outsource this by hiring an investigator who can do the work for you. You can also set up a Google alert to make sure you find any mention of your brand, industry, or product.

Content Publishing

This can be very tedious because blogging on your WordPress site and making sure it looks good with the correct headings, subtitles, fonts, images, and SEO content takes a few minutes for each post. You can automate this process by hiring someone to do it for you. Someone who is used to doing it will take less time and do a better job.

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