How to find a real estate investment club: avoid the bad clubs and succeed with the good ones

One of the best resources for a real estate investor is your local real estate investment club. These groups can be great resources for networking and learning, but you need to be careful, as there are some types of clubs that exist for the sole purpose of splitting your money.

Let’s keep in mind that we are looking at two types of clubs here.

The Bad Real Estate Club
The first club is basically one designed so that the founders of that group can boost their egos or separate you from your money. They are usually based entirely on the achievements / brand of the group founder and the goal is usually to sell their books, software, programs, etc. I attended meetings of several of these “bad clubs” and couldn’t get out of there any faster. Most of them spent a small fraction of their time talking business and most of the time pitching some kind of “opportunity,” which was typically a real estate deal that any seasoned investor would have avoided like the plague. These are the bad clubs! Stay away!

The Good Real Estate Club
The second type of club usually fosters a suitable environment for learning and networking. These clubs often have speakers or other presenters who provide educational information on various topics. These clubs are typically made up of people from all aspects of real estate – from professionals to investors to homeowners – who are looking to both network and learn. Most of these groups have time before or after the formal meeting to network; This is probably the most important part of the meeting, so be sure to arrive and bring your business cards! These are the clubs you want to be part of.

In conclusion, if you are looking to join a real estate investment club, check out the club before shelling out the one-year maturity. Membership in one of the good real estate clubs can be a boon to your business and a great help for newbies to start investing. Being a member of a bad club will leave you with a bad taste in your mouth and hours of wasted time.

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