How To Walk Slim – Lose Up To 9 Pounds A Week

Walking is one of my favorite things to do and I have emphasized in many people the power of walking. This exercise routine does a lot without great effort or strain and the results are very satisfying. Walking does more than help you burn fat, too:

Help fight colon cancer! A study from the Washington School of Medicine found that any form of walking can reduce the risk of colon cancer; Brisk walking can reduce the risk in women by 44%, walking also protects your vision. According to government researchers, it reduces the risk of developing cataracts. Washington scientists say that walking three or more times a week gives us a 32% chance of getting dementia.

Researcher Arthur Weltman, PH.D, and another scientist have discovered a new way to burn more fat while walking. This method takes less time than the traditional walking routine, which is 40 to 60 three to four times a week. It’s called the Grape approach, two of the walks a week will be 45 to 60 minutes but at a comfortable pace and the other 3 will be only 20 to 30 minutes and should be quick, but you should be able to carry on a conversation without being too breathless .

This works because leisurely walks burn about 300 calories per hour – brisk walks can burn 300 calories in as little as 30 minutes. Grape not only helps you burn more calories, but it also increases your fat burning hormones by 80%. This workout is so gentle that you probably don’t even realize you’ve been doing a high intensity workout. A high intensity exercise routine is great for burning more fat and calories as it increases the growth hormone HGH that your body produces and this is what dramatically increases fat metabolism.

The afterburning of this method is amazing! Even 48 hours after training, your body keeps dropping from walking. When you do exercises like this, your metabolism is so exaggerated that it can take a long time for the body to calm down and return to its normal state.

UVa also reduces your appetite, vigorous exercise activates anti-hunger hormones and you start to eat less without knowing it at night. Eating right will also make you lose weight faster! Here is a quick and healthy breakfast recipe; 2 whole wheat toasts with honey,

3 to 4 strawberries

Scrambled eggs use non-stick spray instead of butter.

Walking does amazing things for the body, so get up and start walking to lose weight and before you know it, you’ll be wearing your old jeans again! If you are looking for a great weight loss pill, the Lemonade diet offers quick results while detoxifying your body.

Walking Tip: Make sure you have good walking shoes that support your ankles, legs, and feet.

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