Nervous about the spa? 10 things to know before you visit

Are you nervous about your first visit to the Spa? Not your first time, but not sure what the proper protocols are? You’re not alone.

A spa treatment is an extremely intimate service; sometimes more than going to your doctor. Going in unprepared for treatment can make you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. Since helping a friend at her spa, I’ve learned what happens and why, and I hope the tips I’ve put together help you get the most out of your spa treatments.

  1. Yes, you take everything off for a massage or body treatment and almost everything off for a facial. If you’re uncomfortable with that, say something so the therapist isn’t surprised. The last thing he wants to do is get oil on your underwear. Our spa has disposable items that you are welcome to use, especially if you are getting your groin waxed.
  2. You will undress and straighten up. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that are easy to put on and take off.
  3. Leave your jewelry at home. Unless you are given a gown and a locker, your clothing and jewelry will be in your room during your treatment. Keep in mind that there may not be a lot of space and your jewelry could be tipped over or left behind. I can’t tell you how many times a therapist has run to the desk with jewelry that someone forgot. And I have a small collection of rare pieces that have yet to be claimed. Also, it takes time to take jewelry off and put it back on. You only have a limited amount of time. You want to make the most of it.
  4. When it comes to a spa, being there early is being on time. Only one person who is late can disrupt the whole day’s schedule. The same goes for the end of your service. While it’s okay to relax for a minute before getting up, even recommended, you have to remember that the room needs to be cleaned and set up for the next customer. Do not entertain.
  5. While most spas have a cancellation policy, they will understand if you are sick. You should never go to a spa while you are sick, as massage therapy pushes toxins through the body and you will feel sicker, it is not something you want to pay good money for. However, when you cancel, you must reschedule at the same time. If he reschedules, you may not be charged for the missed appointment. I know I don’t know if someone reschedules due to illness or if they are a repeat customer.
  6. Although you will be massaged with oil, you should not leave it greasy. The masseur should rub the oil. Our therapists also apply hot towels, which not only help with the oil, but also feel great. Your hair, however, will have a bit of oil on it and if you wear makeup, chances are it won’t look like it did when you arrived. Better not use it if possible.
  7. Cleanliness is important. Our therapists scrub up to their elbows between appointments and use hand sanitizer. While it may seem like common sense to shower on the day of your treatment, I have seen people come off the beach in bathing suits to wax their groins.
  8. Tips are important to therapists. A good therapist will take her needs into account and customize her treatment accordingly. Remember that they only receive a part of the fee and have expenses. For example, our staff provide their own sheets and massage oil. If they want scented candles in their rooms, they are provided. Some even offer complementary extra services such as hot stones or aromatherapy for their most valued clients. It is customary to tip 20% and should be in cash or check. Many spas pass credit card fees on to staff for tips deposited on the cards. I find that when customers realize this, they bring cash or a check and are happy to oblige. Finally, like bartenders, therapists are supposed to earn a certain amount in tips that are taxed as income by the state and the IRS. In essence, this makes a bad tip costly for the therapist.
  9. You may speak during your treatment, but you should not feel obligated to do so. this is your moment When I receive a massage, I prefer to listen to the music and concentrate relaxing. It’s not often that you have uninterrupted time to yourself, so take advantage of it.
  10. Now that I said you don’t need to talk, I’m going to tell you to talk. If your therapist is using too much or too little pressure, tell them. If you have pain in an area that he wants you to focus on or avoid, let him know. If the cushion under your legs, headrest or room temperature is too high or low, give notice, don’t suffer. Remember, you are paying for the service and you should get the maximum experience and benefits from the spa therapy.

Your spa treatment should be relaxing and completely stress free. Knowing what to expect and what is expected of you will make your time at the spa more enjoyable. I hope my spa experience helps you with yours.

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