Nutrition tips for a healthy pregnancy

So I got pregnant with no family or friends with children to give me advice and I never had any close contact with the pregnancy or babies.

What should I eat to help my baby develop healthy and strong?

I had no idea and I went to the obstetrician with so many questions that I did not know where to start … The nurse gave me a list of the nutrients I needed, in addition to taking the super vitamins, and I thought: “I have to eat all day to continue this! “Also, I was nauseous and exhausted. How can you ask a pregnant woman to eat all that? Mad! And I realized that I had to come up with a diet on my own.

Throughout my entire pregnancy, I couldn’t smell chicken, meat, fish and anything greasy for miles. Can you imagine eating it? No way!

I know that in the morning your body is starved for nutrients and that’s when it will absorb them best, so making sure my first meal was as healthy as possible seemed like the smartest thing I could do … It gave me energy for the rest of the day. day and satisfaction knowing that I was doing my best to help my baby grow.

I took advantage of the fact that I was craving fruit like crazy to start the day with a super fresh and natural smoothie and also discovered a way to add protein to my diet. I bought pretty much every different fruit I could find in the store and also protein powder (like EAS 100% Whey Protein with vanilla flavor or any other with berry flavor) to add to the fresh fruit smoothie examples below:

– Orange / Mellon juice (good with berry flavored protein)
– Orange / papaya / apple juice (you can add a tablespoon of oatmeal)
– Orange / papaya / apple / banana juice (you can add a tablespoon of oatmeal)
– Orange / pineapple juice (good with berry flavor protein)
– Milk / strawberries (fresh or frozen)
– Milk / strawberries / banana (you can add a tablespoon of oatmeal)
– Milk / banana / oatmeal
– Milk / avocado / sugar or honey

Add 1 or 2 tablespoons of protein powder and you can also add honey to sweeten it up a bit, but most won’t need it as fruits are sweet enough.

For the veggies, instead of drinking bottled V8 or something similar, I did the following for each night (before, during, or after dinner):

Fresh orange / carrots / tomato / parsley juice (you can add a couple of broccoli and / or celery florets)

These shakes are not only good for your health and that of your baby, but they will also help you keep your skin smooth and pleasant, with less chance of stretch marks. Your skin and hair will thank you.

Make sure to get your vitamins and granola / yogurt and milk / cereal snacks. Be beautiful and healthy and have the most incredible experience of giving birth, just like mine was!

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