Podcast Secrets Revealed

There you are, flipping through the radio stations one more time, looking for SOMETHING, ANYTHING, worth listening to. Maybe you will find a song here or there that you like, or a talk show about a topic that interests you. Then it is time to change the seasons again. What I need, you think, is my own personal radio station.

Enter the world of podcasting! Podcasting is like having your own radio station, programmed with your favorite elements and ready for you to listen to anywhere, anytime. With podcasting, you can listen to:

[o] Whatever you want

[o] When you want

[o] Where you want

No more searching and waiting to find a radio station that plays your favorite music. No more missing a talk show broadcast because you’re sitting in class or in a meeting at the wrong time. With podcasting, you get only the content you want, from the sources you want, when you want it. And there are no ads or commercials! What Tivo has done for your television viewing, podcasting can do for your radio listening, and there are no FCC regulations either!

So what exactly is podcasting? A podcast is an audio file stored on the Internet that you can download to your computer or MP3 player and listen to whenever you want. It can be music, or it can be a talk show, a lecture, a recorded tele-seminar, a sermon, a soccer game, and so on. Podcasting gives you the ultimate in choice and convenience.

o Podcasting is about … CHOICE

Podcasting gives you unlimited listening options. Although podcasting is a relatively new technology, there are already thousands of podcasts that you can subscribe to. Isn’t there a radio station in your city that plays the indy music you love? Take a look at East Detroit Radio.

Do you want to improve the koi pond in your backyard? Subscribe to the Koi Club of the Air.

Questions for parents? Try the Front Porch Parenting podcast.

You can find a podcast on literally any topic that interests you! In fact, http://www.podcastalley.com currently lists 2,380 podcasts in 15 different categories, while http://www.ipodder.org lists 4,493.

Another advantage of podcasting is that because podcasts can appeal to niche audiences, they can cover your topics in much greater depth and be much more informative than regular radio broadcasts, which must appeal to a wide audience. Plus, with a podcast, you can back up and re-listen to a segment if you missed something the first time. If you hit a segment that is boring, you can fast forward. You can listen to all or part of the podcast as many times as you want. And you can stop listening all together for a few minutes, hours, or even days if something else comes up.

o Podcasting is about … CONVENIENCE

MP3 files have been available for download from the Internet for years. But what makes podcasting different and really useful is that you can subscribe to the shows that interest you. This means you don’t have to check your favorite podcast websites every day for new episodes and download them manually.

Instead, free podcasting software automatically downloads new episodes to your computer as soon as they are available. This makes it easy and convenient to keep up with your favorite podcasts.

Once your podcasts are downloaded to your computer, you can sync them to your MP3 player, burn them to CD to play on your CD player, or simply listen to them through your computer speakers. This gives you maximum convenience in listening to your programs at your leisure. You can listen to the podcasts whenever you want, while driving, walking, exercising, knitting, etc. With a podcast, you can go mobile, live your life, and listen to your content ANYWHERE.

o Podcasting is … FREE AND EASY

Not only are podcasts themselves generally free, but so is the podcasting software you need! Both podcasts and podcasting software are easy to find on the Internet and easy to use.

Podcasting is waiting for you!

If you haven’t been exposed to podcasts yet, you will soon be! Podcasts are literally everywhere now, and more podcasts are being created every day.

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