Samsung S8000 Jet will dominate the market

Samsung S8000 Jet is a phone that seems to be developed to rule the market. Available in black color, this 3G phone has more extraordinary features that enable the user to enjoy every part of it. Samsung S8000 Jet is meant to be enjoyed.

Take a better look at its features:

When it comes to phone memory, there are three options in front of the user. You can select 2 GB, 8 GB or 16 GB of internal memory for your phone. In case that’s not enough, there’s even the option to have a memory card slot and increase your existing memory up to 16GB.

Measuring 5.35 cm by 1.19 cm by 10.88 cm, the phone weighs 110 grams to give the case a very sturdy feel.

The display is also amazing on the phone that has a 3.1-inch wide touch screen. The display that provides a high screen resolution of 480 pixels by 800 pixels is of the AMOLED type.

The phone works on 3G HSDPA networks and also on quad bands of GSM network to provide a worldwide network.

The high speed of connectivity in the phone is due to 3G HSDPA while the EDGE technology is perfect for the speed of data transfer activity.

WiFi WLAN technology allows the user to enjoy wireless Internet connections and GPS navigation ensures that viewing maps and finding directions are no longer a problem for users of the Samsung S8000 Jet.

The Bluetooth and USB port ensure that the connection of the mobile phone to other devices such as laptops, PCs, etc. not be a problem.

Working in 3G networks Samsung S8000 Jet provides 5 hours of talk time and 8 hours of GSM talk time when the battery is fully charged.

Finally, a 5-megapixel camera in Samsung S8000 Jet takes the show with its wonderful features like LED flash, smile and face detection, and autofocus.

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