Secrets to Building Wealth Quickly in Network Marketing

Secrets to building wealth fast

Why are there so many disciplined, focused, formally educated professionals who have never been taught the secrets to building wealth fast?

Are they really secret or have they just been hidden from the general public?

People who work as employees are the most taxed of all.

The more money you earn, the higher the tax on your earned income.

How does anyone expect to get rich working within the wage system?

The truth is that most will not compared to the profit system that produces people who have cast off formalized knowledge and taken over finding other sources of income that pay you without you having to be present at somewhere.

Network marketing businesses that involve looking and feeling better will become part of the next trillion dollar business model.

Salary vs benefit system

The secrets of wealth creation that most working professionals have not been taught, lies in the thought and vibrations within the body.

Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, takes an in-depth look at the idea of ​​how thoughts create reality in numerous books he wrote decades ago.

These same ‘secrets’ are true to this day, the world just isn’t paying enough attention or directing their thoughts towards what they really want.

Hill claims that our thoughts, like Newton’s law of motion, continue to move until an external force acts on them.

The problem is that these same external forces are the opinions of people, parents and friends that sometimes lead us astray from what we really want.

How many people do you know who have called network marketing a scam or a “pyramid scheme”?

Unfortunately, these people are ignorant and uneducated when it comes to their general knowledge of network marketing.

People won’t willingly accept a negative return on investment with their money, but they will gladly accept it with their time, as long as they receive a consistent paycheck in return.

A 5-for-2 trade is a negative 60% return on investment. We work 5 days for 2 days of freedom. That’s not leverage – MJ Demarco, author of Millionaire Fastlane

It states that our thoughts create our reality when we make our goals for wealth or anything we aspire to urgent, and back them up with an action plan to carry them out.

Bob Proctor, longtime student of Hill and author of The Secret, states:

Exchanging time for money is the worst way to get it

What I have found in network marketing, as a home based distributor, is that income can be generated residually.

This is income that comes in week after week, month after month without me being present,

Why was this never taught?

It was the late great Jim Rohn who declared:

Formal education will earn you a living, self-education will earn you a fortune

Bob Proctor claims that most people are not thinking.

This may sound harsh, but it doesn’t take much effort to listen to the conversations of your co-workers or listen to the gossip that people pay attention to, to realize that this is true.

The beauty of network marketing is that you can still work your full time job and part time on your fortune.

Can you go from $30,000 a year at your job to $150,000 the next?


You can with network marketing, but most people don’t realize this or have been taught it.

They are, Bob Proctor asserts, unaware of how to do it.

The environment and its power over us

I was not raised by entrepreneurs.

In fact, my entire family are all employees.

My father, whom I respect very much, is a retired Army soldier, he served 21 years in uniform and is about to retire again from Sam’s Club.

He has worked hard for money all his life, but money never worked for him.

This is where self-education is vital if we are to live rich and make the most of our time.

Trading time for money by working as a wage slave is counterproductive because our pay is tied to our time.

If we are not present at work, we do not get paid.

The problem is that we have listened to what our school system, parents, friends and co-workers have told us.

It’s not that people don’t have the ability to think, they do, but all of us, at some point in our lives, have allowed outside influences to dictate how we generate income.

The rich do not work for money. I don’t need a paycheck – Robert Kiyosaki

Normality and conformism are everywhere.

People are stuck in traffic, taking jobs they’re not passionate about because they depend on a paycheck.

They are simply not aware that network marketing or other business activities can dramatically impact their financial future.

The reality is that the security of a high-paying job is no longer as secure as it once was.

I have seen people laid off and in the last three years I have seen government “shutdowns”.

the reality of money

The secret to building wealth is to invest in more assets and move away from liabilities.

Credit cards, college loans, and mortgages are liabilities, they take money out of our pockets.

Assets, such as joining a network marketing company that is in the health and wellness niche, serving the needs of millions of people, is a great example of an asset building business.

Few people realize that in 1943 the United States government began taxing our income and in 1913 the Federal Reserve Bank was created.

Also, in 1971, President Nixon removed the dollar from the gold standard, making our money no longer real money but a currency, and it has been backed by jack squat ever since.

Since then, the purchasing power of the dollar has decreased to what it once was.

Real money is gold and silver, it has been for over 5000 years.

So what are the secrets to creating wealth?

change your paradigm

Seek self-knowledge.

The profit system is quite different from the salary system that most of the working world follows.

I don’t think it’s like an economy down or up. I create my own economy – Bob Proctor, entrepreneur

There is a documentary created by Eric Worre, a 28-year-old network marketing professional, called Rise of The Entrepreneur, that describes this massive solution to employee life.

The ability to earn income while you sleep is one of the secrets to building wealth quickly that our school system is not teaching our students.

Both you and I have the power to create our own wealth, but it takes changing our habits and part of that is deciding to no longer follow the path of the sea of ​​masses that surrounds us doing the same thing.

We no longer live in the industrial age, but it saddens me that so many people still follow the old rules.

closing words

So what must be done to break free from the wage system and enter the profit system?

Get involved with the network marketing industry.

No other business model has made more millionaires than network marketing.

The secrets to creating wealth are right in front of you.

In fact, you’re already involved in network marketing, you just don’t get paid for it.

Have you ever been to a movie and it turned out to be great, so you went and told your friends and family and they, in turn, went to see it?

That is network marketing.

It is simply telling your story and sharing with other products or services that you are passionate about and teaching others to do the same.

Your residual income generation increases as your team grows and the beauty is that your residual income continues to accumulate from doing the job once.

Did they teach you?

The health and wellness industry is poised to become the next trillion dollar business and there are network marketing companies looking for home based distributors who want to become financially independent and live a healthier life.

I encourage you to visit to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

Live your financial dreams, we are only here once and life was never meant to just pay bills and die.

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