Six requirements to be an effective team member

Business organizations looking for ways to build effective work teams must select the right people for teams based on the will of the individual and the expectations of the group. Only when the right members form the best teams can organizations hope to reap the benefits of improved quality, faster production, lower costs, or higher revenue. Below are six requirements for potential team members to work together effectively.

1. All members must be willing to support the mission of the team and work towards the goals of the team.

2. Each member must understand their role within the team, as well as the skills, knowledge and abilities they have to contribute to the success of the team.

3. All members must be willing to decide how they will work together by jointly developing a code of conduct, ground rules or team principles.

4. Each member must commit to working within the team’s plans and priorities, including attending meetings and training deemed necessary for the team.

5. All members must be willing to work collaboratively on problem solving and accept change as part of process improvement.

6. Each team member should be respectful of others, welcome diversity, and establish both trust and responsibility within the team.

If organizations communicate the above six requirements related to individual will and group expectations to team members, they will find that the team will be more effective in working together. An effective team with the right members should help the organization achieve its goals of improved quality, faster production, lower costs, or higher revenue. Effective teams are a vital part of conducting business.

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