Style tips after breast augmentation

In the excitement of getting your breast augmentation, you probably forgot to consider one great detail: your clothes. It might not be a big problem if you only increased a half cup or one cup size, but it can be a problem if you increased two or three cup sizes.

So you have no experience dressing for a larger bust? Do not panic. Here are some tips to help you choose the right clothes that will help you look good with your new breasts:

1. Choose tops or dresses with a wrap style. Wrap styles help separate large breasts; hence it produces a flattering look. They are also cinched at the waist, giving you the appearance of having an hourglass figure. This style is universal and works just as well on women with smaller breasts.

2. Avoid wearing clothes that have high necklines. These clothes will give you the appearance of having a cute bust and can have the effect of making your bust appear larger than it is. Also, avoid high and rounded necklines, which produce a similar effect.

3. Clothing that has a halter neck style should be avoided. This particular style gives you the appearance of having larger breasts than you actually have. Also, it may be difficult for you to try wearing strapless bras or a corset under clothing to support your breasts.

4. Choose clothes that have a scoop or v-neckline. The fact that they show some skin above the breasts helps to downplay their size. Your breasts will appear much smaller. Also, the V-neckline gives the illusion of parted breasts, which is the opposite of the mono-boob discussed above.

5. Get a professional fit for the exact size of your bra. It is not easy to find sexy and feminine underwear for women with large breasts, but it is possible if you look hard enough. The correct bra size will not only give you the support you need for your large breasts, it will also enhance your appearance. On the other hand, an ill-fitting bra will lead to situations where you have a double boob, which is a very unflattering look.

6. Did you know that the length of your sleeve has the power to make your breasts appear too big or just perfect? With a large bust, you will want to choose clothes that offer three-quarter sleeves rather than long or short sleeves that only make your breasts appear large and unflattering. The three-quarter sleeves give a slimming effect that enhances your overall appearance.

7. You want to avoid choosing clothes that have spaghetti straps. The thin straps only serve to make you look like you have a larger bust than yours. Aside from messing up your whole look, they won’t give you the kind of support you need. Choosing tops or dresses that have thick straps will give the illusion that you have a smaller bust.

With these helpful tips, you are sure to achieve a great appearance after your augmentation surgery.

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