The Loft Life: A Hot Urban Living Trend

For many people, there is only an innate desire to move to the city. They may not want to live among the hustle and bustle for their entire lives, but they at least want to experience it for a while. The idea of ​​loft living in an urban setting has been romanticized in books and movies, but many people who live in lofts will tell you the same thing: that notion isn’t too far off the mark.

The bottom line is that loft life is fun. At the same time, it just makes sense to a lot of people. They may be close to work or other places they frequent. They do not have to spend a lot of time on home maintenance. Owning a vehicle may be optional. And most people find that they have plenty of room. In short, living in a loft is as practical as it is efficient.

Many people think of Europe when they think of lofts, but the truth is that they can be found in almost any urbanized area, including Minneapolis and St. Paul. So what exactly is a loft? You would probably be surprised at the variety of definitions people have of what constitutes a loft. As far as I’m concerned, the exterior walls of the lofts are built with bricks or concrete; ceilings are at least 10 feet high (although many lofts have ceilings much higher than that); and there are large windows that let in lots of light. (That last feature is why lofts have been especially popular with artists over the years.)

You can further classify lofts and true or hard lofts and as soft lofts. True lofts are those in buildings that once served an industrial purpose and have been converted to residential housing. If you move into one of these and read about the history of the building, you might have a great story to tell your friends. Soft lofts are built to resemble real lofts, but the buildings they are located in are built specifically for residential purposes.

Lofts are great for people who like to live in an open space, but you can find lofts that have bedrooms or closets, for example, that are separate from the rest of the unit and allow for privacy. That’s a big deal if a family with a child or two decides to live in a loft. However, for many people, one of the main attractions of loft living is the feeling that it simplifies things. While you can find most of the amenities of single-family homes in lofts, there’s no grass to cut or shovel, and no sidewalk or driveway to shovel. There’s no need to worry about outside maintenance, and going on vacation is as simple as packing up your things and locking the door.

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