Types of Small Aquarium Sharks – Two of the Most Popular

When setting up an aquarium, people quickly discover that there are many tropical fish to choose from. There are schools like Guarmis and Tetras and there are aggressive fish like Oscars and Cichlids. But one fish that has recently become more popular for small home aquariums is small aquarium sharks. If you want to care for your new shark, here is information on how to keep it in your home aquarium.

the epaulette shark

The Eqaulette Shark is one of the most ideal small sharks for a small aquarium as they like to live in small, confined areas. They are usually white with brown spots all over their bodies. Unlike most sharks, they do not swim around the tank, preferring instead to swim at the bottom of the tank all day in search of food. They sometimes look like eels with their slender bodies, their bodies allowing them to slip between rocks and other aquarium decorations.

Although they are not the smallest of aquarium sharks, they are not the largest either. Eqaulette sharks can grow quite large, an adult can grow up to eleven inches long. So when selecting one, make sure your tank is big enough for them to move around when they grow up.

The epaulet shark feeds mainly on small crabs and worms. They can even eat shrimp and other small fish. They have very small teeth, so larger pieces of food should be avoided. They can bite and chew, but their teeth are not designed to cut food. So keep your food pieces small at all times.

The red tail shark

One of the most popular small aquarium sharks is the red tail shark. This little shark is a semi-aggressive fish, its unique beauty is a definite asset in any aquarium. They have a solid black body with a red tipped tail that is easy to identify. These sharks are not very social, so having only one per tank is recommended.

Redtails love to hide as it gives them a sense of safety and security, so provide them with nice little hiding places. Since they are an aggressive fish and will pick on other fish, you need a tank that is large enough to accommodate all of the fish.

Like Eqaulette Shark Red Tails, they like to search for food at the bottom of the tank. They will eat most fish flakes, live foods, or other foods that end up on the bottom of the tank. They like to eat at least once a day.

There are a wide variety of pet store sharks to choose from, but two of the most popular are the epaulet shark and the red tail shark for small aquariums. Do some research if you are looking to purchase one for your own tank as they are not like other fish, they require specialized care. Still, they are a wonderful addition to any aquarium.

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