What is B2B Marketing: The Best B2B Marketing Strategy

B2B refers to relationships between one or more companies, whether goods or services. B2B marketing is not aimed at end customers (B2C), but at companies and individuals. Accordingly, the abbreviation stands for “Business to Business”. The advertising measures are tailored to this special clientele and take into account the special features that companies have to deal with: for example, a company often cannot simply enter into a contract, but is forced into lengthy processes that, for For example, provide for obtaining a written offer. B2B advertising measures must clearly address these special characteristics.

Successful B2B Marketing

Instead of simple products that are largely self-explanatory and point to a quick conclusion, as is usual in the end-customer industry, B2B Marketing offers offers that can also be very complicated and in need of explanation, but that are tailored to customer needs. customer.

Successful B2B marketing measures are based on a very good advertiser website, bringing together all communication channels, the use of social media and email marketing. The latter serves above all to store in memory. Content marketing, ranging from blogging to video, is also gaining importance.

Particularities of B2B marketing

• Therefore, the sums and implemented products are partly different than in B2C marketing, individuals eventually need in the rare cases z. Like software for industrial machine control or accounting for several hundred employees.

• In particular, lead generation and therefore customer acquisition have become extremely important in B2B marketing in recent years. In doing so, marketing takes on more and more sales-related tasks, because marketing deals with leads until they are truly business-ready. This can be achieved especially with highly successful inbound marketing tools and techniques. In 2014, top companies agreed that they would get 54% more leads with inbound marketing than with traditional outbound marketing. That means 54% more leads!

• From the point of view of B2B marketing, it is aimed at Buyer Personas. These are representatives of the typical decision makers in a company, who represent their expectations and needs regarding a product or service and provide insight into the decision-making processes. B2B is also about people. When they talk to each other, they do not do so in their “function” as individuals, but as employees of a company. They then represent the control view, purchasing view, or production manager view. But this is what creates a profitable Buyer Persona.

By definition, B2B marketing is about trading with another company, and B2C marketing is about private customers. The target of these two types of marketing is therefore very different: limited in number, but specialized in Business to Business, much broader, but less expert in Business to Consumer. In fact, the companies signed up for B2B, already a priori better informed than the individual, also carry out important research work with experts to analyze their needs and find suitable solutions. Therefore, it is necessary to implement, in B2B, a marketing strategy that provides much more specific and specialized information than in B2C, because customers, in general, are less aware of the products and solutions proposed. In the latter case, using simpler language works better with people.

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