Why is Rupert Grint from "Harry Potter" Buy a cup of pork tea?

Hopefully, the motive behind the famous actor who bought two Teacup Pigs has nothing to do with status symbols. At a cost of $ 1,100 each, Teacup Pigs could very well become status symbols for the rich and famous. Fortunately, Jane Craft, the well-known Teacup Pigs breeder screens all potential buyers and will not sell to unsuitable buyers. Her requirements are that her teacup piggies go to a loving home where the piggy friends will get more than enough attention and she sells them in pairs to ensure they have animal companionship. There are many other valid reasons why someone would want to become the proud owner of these cute little pigs.

They are clean and odorless, smart and loving, and a friend who will be between 15 and 20 years old. A fully grown Teacup Pig, at two years old, is about the same size as the average dog and reaches knee height. By this time, they should weigh approximately 65 pounds if they have been well cared for. It is extremely easy to fall into the trap of overfeeding domestic pigs as they tend to be manipulative and have incessant hunger. Pigs do not have a thalamus and therefore do not know when to stop eating. If allowed, they will be eaten to death. However, strict control over your daily intake will ensure that a Teacup Pig remains in good condition and will be available for years. Another good reason to choose a Teacup Pig as a pet over a dog is because it does not have fleas. Their hair doesn’t fall out either, and they obviously don’t bark.

These pets can be trained at home, but when they are outside they can be given a special corner for their bathing routine and therefore will not leave their dirt all over the lawn as dogs often do. However, you will have to compromise a part of your garden for your piggy rooting habits. These are instinctive and if your pig friend doesn’t have a designated spot where he can dig into the dirt with his snout, you might find him uprooting your garden. However, pigs are not the ideal pet for everyone, as they are very demanding and will require a lot of attention. They learn fast, but they will try to dominate you until they are taught that you are the boss.

They should go for a walk every day, preferably on a leash, as they get lazy and aggressive without enough exercise. They need a camped area in the garden to graze and must be protected from dogs as they have no way of defending themselves in case of being attacked. Teacup Pigs are not farm animals and will need a place to sleep indoors. They will not be able to withstand extreme heat or cold and you will need a bed or bedding for the little pig to sleep. All in all, having a Teacup Pig as a pet can be a very rewarding, albeit demanding, experience. I’m sure Robert Grint is aware of this and will take time to enjoy his new piglets.

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