Why Network Marketers Struggle To Grow Their Business

So is your business struggling to grow? If so, you may need to re-evaluate your marketing techniques. Most people who join opportunities looking to make money from home are new to network marketing. Then they start marketing their products, services, or opportunities, but aren’t sure how to get started. Most companies have training to help with this. Mainly it is how to approach people and sell what they are offering. Then they talk to friends and family and try to sell to them. Most of these people will say “no thanks” or “sounds like a scheme”. Then rejection sets in and then they lose confidence in themselves which hurts their business. This is the reason so many fail in network marketing.

If you’re having difficulty, then you should look at what training you’ve received to market your products, services, or opportunities. By talking to friends, family, and even calling people from the phone book, you will have a hard time growing your business. You want to market to people who are interested in what you offer. If you were selling cars and you were trying to sell to someone who already has a car, do you think that person would buy another car? The odds are stacked against you, especially if that person wasn’t looking for another car.

You want to understand who to attract and how to attract prospects to you. You want them to call and email you about what you are offering. This is called attraction marketing. Inbound marketing is a cost-effective way to attract people who have specific needs or problems and are looking for help. For example, if someone was looking for help with a weight problem, they would search for topics related to that problem. If a single parent was looking to work from home to spend more time with his children, he would search for topics related to that topic. These are just 2 examples of target markets. There are many more I could talk about, but I just wanted to give you an idea.

The key to inbound marketing is knowing your target market. What are their needs and some problems you can help them solve? What are they looking for, thinking and worrying about? There are 3 basic components of attraction marketing. Build your “content network”, get your prospect’s permission to communicate and offer value and gain the privilege of getting your offers in front of your prospects.

By learning this key to attraction marketing, your business will grow by leaps and bounds. Now you’ll know who and how to attract by knowing some of your target markets. You will get the right training in attraction marketing and quickly become an expert in this field. Then you can pass on your knowledge and thus help your business grow.

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