How to transform bad behavior into good behavior in children

We all want our children to grow up to be outstanding adults, but what can we as parents do to make that happen?

1. Set Clear Boundaries (aka Rules)

Children perform better and feel more secure when they have limits. Set rules for your children and set consequences when those rules are broken. For example, if your child knows he shouldn’t yell at her sister and he does it anyway and will sit for 5 minutes, he is more likely to think twice before engaging in bad behavior. Don’t be a dictator, let your child make his own decisions, but let him know that there are clear consequences for bad behavior.

2. When bad behavior rears its ugly head

When your children misbehave despite the clear consequences, what should we do? Bad behavior is often a plea for attention. Just like us, children need to feel valued and loved. Spend 20 to 30 minutes a day uninterrupted time with your child and see the difference it makes in her relationship with him or her. She will feel more secure and special just by spending quality time with you.

3. Engage in pretend play with your child

How do we spend more time with our children? We play with them! What do children like to play? Most of the kids love to transform into their own special superhero like Batman or Spiderman. A child can transform from a shy kid to an outgoing hero in seconds with a simple child costume like a pirate cape, superhero cape, or Batman or Spiderman cape. Girls may identify with or like to play dress up in Cinderella dresses or a Snow White costume. Make sure you find high-quality princess costumes that are washable and won’t fall apart. Little Adventures has a great line of princess clothing. As a bonus, they can also be used for princess Halloween costumes.

4. Love, love, love

Use other excuses besides Valentine’s Day to show your love to your children. You can spoil them with gifts, but you can change their life for the better by showing them increased love and taking the time to play with them and spend quality time with them. This helps them know that you make them a priority. Make them feel that they are valued and loved every day.

Try these steps and try playing dress-up with your child. Find something you can do today and do it! See if doing this improves your kids’ behavior department.

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