Tips for dealing with the stress of moving

Moving can be an overwhelming experience. Time keeps ticking and your belongings always seem to multiply once you start packing. The bigger the family move, the more stressful it can be. Families with children may be anxious to find new schools while preparing a big house. With so much on your to-do list, moving can quickly become a hectic process.

Here are some tips for dealing with the stress of moving:

  • Ask for help. Moving is a long process. Asking friends or family for help can speed things up and help you keep your sanity. Asking for help doesn’t always mean finding strong men to do the heavy lifting. While that’s certainly one way to help, grandparents and friends who watch the kids while you pack can be another great resource.
  • Children can get in the way when large furniture or breakable items are moved; Having the movers come by while they are at school or with friends will help make packing faster and safer. Pets can also get in the way as they run around your ankles as you try to lift boxes. You may want to leave your pet with a friend while you pack, especially if you’re going to have to leave doors open, go up and down stairs a lot, or carry large boxes.
  • Look for professionals and read reviews. Using a professional moving company can really make moving easier. Some companies will provide additional boxes and packing supplies to help you get started. It’s important to read the reviews, as you want to make sure you’re choosing a trustworthy company that others have had success with in the past.
  • Take a break. Try to get enough sleep; Working long hours to get everything packed may seem like a good idea, but being fresh and energized will help you be more efficient with your time. Moving is physically and mentally exhausting, so give your muscles and mind a break from time to time.
  • Take a break to meet friends for coffee or lunch, especially if you’re moving far away; after all, saying goodbye to friends is an important part of the moving process. A good laugh will lift your spirits and give you some time away from all the fuss at home. If you need a quiet moment, having a coffee alone is also a good idea. Avoid “retail therapy” – the last thing you should do while trying to pack is bring home more stuff!
  • Have a plan. As with many other things in life, having a plan for your move will help you feel less stressed. Making lists and having a wall calendar or planner can remind you of important tasks and deadlines.

As demanding as moving can be, a positive attitude can go a long way in helping you stay focused. A new life awaits you after a move, with great potential and new beginnings, so good luck and remember to take some time for yourself.

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