What is a manifestation and meditation retreat like?

Hundreds of people from across the country and abroad gather in the vortexes and natural beauty of Sedona, Arizona to learn The Exact Science of Manifestation from some of the world’s leading experts. One of the highlights of this weekend retreat was when leading clinical psychologist and bestselling author Dr. David Hawkins gave us an overview of “The Consciousness Scale” (see Power vs. Force) and explained the various levels of consciousness and the means of objectively determining truth from falsehood. From his insights we learned of our ability to consciously raise our own level of consciousness and were inspired to enlighten ourselves.

Humor abounds as national speaker Matthew Ferry, director of the Influence Academy and personal trainer for millionaires, shares his secrets to manifesting whatever you want—financially, personally, and spiritually—through his 8 Steps to Manifesting process, and we almost cracked up laughing during the “Drunk Monkey” talk. The conference room was filled with inspiring art, sacred objects, special air purifying devices were brought in to create the optimal environment, and nutrition experts showed us how to cleanse our bodies through superfoods like Isagenix.

I led half a dozen powerful meditations designed to: (1) remove limiting beliefs and fears, (2) connect with the source of inner knowledge, (3) amplify your field of attraction to manifest more powerfully, (4) raise your calibrated level of consciousness, and (5) soar like a kite through Shaktipat. By the end of the retreat, almost everyone had tears of joy in their eyes and had made significant progress. Dr. Sally St. John showed us how to use applied kinesiology to determine our calibrated level of consciousness, and the group’s tests showed that collectively they had advanced to 500 (a higher state of consciousness).

Most of the time we hung out with our friends, made new friends, and hit Sedona’s famous “energy vortexes.” Nearly half of the people at the retreat had never meditated before, but by the time we left, all had experienced samadhi and each had made a deeper connection with her spirit. We all learned that “what we think we create, and we create what we think” and by Monday the magic of manifesting began. People are finding greater prosperity, happiness, and peace by realizing that they can, through self-actualization. We are planning to do another retreat in Santa Fe this summer; Hope you can join us.

From the heart, Steven S. Sadleir

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