The King: Ruling your world!

you came in royalty

Have Splendor, Glory and Honor

You exhibit wisdom and manifest Knowledge.

You don’t fight in life

Because Success and Excellence are in your Spirit

You have been gifted with an impressive heritage…

You have been taken to a great place

Irreversible and irresistible domain

You manifest the Life of God your Father;

You are caring, loving and helpful

Although the world exhibits evil, malice and hatred

The Spirit of the Lord lives in you…

He gives you everything you need for life and godliness.

You are a blessing and a wound of men

You are truly unstoppable.

Four years ago you hit the scene

Making us happy parents of a Royalty

It has been from glory to glory

your wisdom is tremendous

Your affection so tangible

Your sweet smile so contagious

your beauty so enchanting

You have a divine mandate

To shine your light for all to see

And give glory to God for you

You are fulfilling this mandate.

You are living a happy and prosperous life.

Thus making God happy and excited.

You never take things for granted

Always grateful for little mercies and small favors.

His style for the Gospel

endlessly excites me

You are the perfect creation of God.

your excellent work

You have never accepted any humiliation or

defamatory description

you do not listen”negative words

You have the correct perception of your personality.

You are beautifully crafted

Beautifully and excellently made

To rule your world and generation

Do not doubt your identity

sure you know your heritage

Always at all times you use your skills well

You are a success for life.

your caring attitude

your loving nature

It manifests itself in the way you take care of your little brother: Edwald

You guys really make it easy for us to raise children.

You carefully chose your role models and mentors

They are all recreated spiritual beings.

This tells me that your victory is inevitable.

And the curse of the law has been broken on you

No spoken word works against you

Your moves are calculated and

move mountains

You ensure perfection in your work

Always avoiding and avoiding worldliness.

you are a role model

To his colleagues

Earning daily for others with your Grande lifestyle and advancements…

You reign, rule and are in charge

You are the New Man in Christ

You are the Super Being fulfilling

extraordinary feats

You are the KING called to RULE Your World!

Copyright, Agu Jacchynma

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