Explore free horse racing photos online on 3D virtual gaming websites

Do you want to capture some candid photos of your favorite racehorses? Horse fans can view some of the most spectacular moments in horse racing history in the online photo gallery of virtual racing game websites. You can turn back the clock and look back in time if you’ve missed a prestigious racing event of international caliber like the Dubai World Cup.

There have been many great champion colts and fillies in Thoroughbred history, but some names like Secretariat, Seabiscuit, War Admiral, Zenyatta and Rags to Riches will always have a special place in the hearts of all horse lovers. Apart from photos of these legendary heroes, you will also find free horse racing videos, free racing screensavers and free racing wallpapers on virtual horse racing game portals.

In online 3D simulated racing games, horse fans get the chance to see not only some of the world’s best racing in action on international racing circuits, but also a glimpse of some of the finest specimens of thoroughbred racehorses. You can see pictures of famous horses along with their respective jockeys and trainers or even pictures of horses in their natural habitat.

Enthusiastic horse fans will find a wide range of stunning racing photography covering historic equestrian events from the past few decades, such as the 2008 Kentucky Derby, displayed in the online racing photography gallery. Most of these free racing photos have been taken by some of the most acclaimed photographers in the world.

These renowned photographers have managed to capture on camera some truly spectacular moments from different disciplines including dressage, cross country, hunting, jumping and polo to name just a few. Plus amazing free photos of top-tier horse breeds at some of the biggest events in the world; You can also catch these magnificent animals in all their glory, lounging in the stables or attending shows.

In addition to free horse racing photos, many online horse photo galleries also include biographies of outstanding racehorses, the latest racing news, and betting tips. For the convenience of site visitors and horse aficionados, the horses in the photo gallery are normally displayed in alphabetical order. Beginners and experienced fans alike can learn the basics of this noble sport with the help of free horse racing photos and videos available on online horse racing game websites.

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